We work in a business that celebrates beauty, creativity and individuality. It’s all about people who demand the best in style, performance and convenience. It’s also one of the most competitive industries there is.

At Bliss we do everything we can to help you stand out from the competition. Not only with our state-of-the-art products, but our inspirational business support services too.

As a brand, Clynol is inspiring, thought-provoking, quietly confident. Modern yet natural, alluring and self assured, it’s for women who are at one with themselves. As well as effortless style, limitless confidence and timeless appeal, it has an outstanding reputation based on real excellence.

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Upright Fast Tan Sunbed

3min – £2.50
6min – £4.00
9min – £5.50
We also offer an extensive range of tanning lotions

Also available:

Spray Tanning
Fake Bake Product
Full Body Tan (less than 15mins to apply, this offers an even streak free tan)
Tans usually last 5-7 days

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